Friday, June 24, 2011

You're confusing your dog

If you own a dog, chances are you've disciplined it for crapping on the floor. You probably even pointed at his mess and said something stupid like “What did you do?”

Sleeping dog with tongue out
Guess what? The dog has no clue what he did.
Inevitably, the dog starts going outside to relieve itself.  Congratulations! You were successful in housebreaking your pet. Now call the humane society so they can send someone to shoot you in the face.

If you have yet to housebreak your dog (a.k.a. crush its spirit), stop and think if it really understands the problem. When you yell at your dog for crapping, he’s likely to think crap itself angers you.

Most dogs never see their owners take a dump. Imagine the confusion and shame they must feel.  A dog could justifiably think: What is this stuff that makes everyone angry? Where is it coming from? And why is it only happening to me?

They’re now struggling to resist an unstoppable force. They wish they could cease the endless flow of excrement, but don’t have a chance. Instead, they find a dark spot behind a tree or bush to shamefully do their “business”.  

It's important to let the dog see you "sittin on tha toilet"
If you want to spare your pet this unnecessary stress, the key is making them understand that you poop too. You should let your dog accompany you into the bathroom, and show them how it’s done. To pass the time, you can leave the bathroom door open and play a game of fetch.

Letting the dog see you “drop a deuce” in the backyard is another effective way to send the message that there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

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